Thursday, June 12, 2008

"They got me!"

Liam is at such a fun age. He talks amazing well, and is always saying fun things.

One thing I loved about Disneyland was when we were in California Adventure starting out the day. Michelle, Zack and Brooklyn were on Tower of Terror, and I was out waiting with Liam. I pulled out the map to make a plan, and Liam immediately said "They got me!" I turned the map over, and there was a picture of Buzz and Woody from "Toy Story". I laughed (finding it hilarious), not sure where that came from, and he kept saying it! I told Michelle and Zack. Apparently Zack had been playing with Buzz with Logan (my niece who loves "Toy Story") and would say "You got me!" So, Liam was apparently listening and picked up on it! He kept saying "They got me!" every time he would see Buzz or Woody!

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