Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, I am a little late in posting these. I started a post in June when the haircuts took place, and I never finished!!

Liam, at 21 months, just got his second haircut. His first was at 18 months, and I held him the whole time, and he didn't like it. I decided to take him to a place called Cookie Cutters which specializes in Children's haircutting, since I had only heard great things about it. Liam picked Thomas the Train to watch, a "pire" (fire) car to sit in, and was a little nervous when the clippers came out! But he did great! They gave him a sucker that got hair all over it, and he screamed "Liam's sucker" when we tried to trade! It turned out okay, and he's so cute!!

Brooklyn had been asking for months for a pixie haircut. We were waiting until after dance recital so she could have her hair in a bun. She was so excited and decided to keep her hair a little longer than "pixie" short. It turned out SOO cute! And she had 13" to donate to Locks of Love!

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