Tuesday, June 10, 2008

California Vacation- Disneyland

The kids and I went with my sister, Michelle and her husband, Zack, to California. (When we can get into Disneyland for FREE, why not go every chance we can get?!) Nathan stayed home since he took time off to go to Disneyland about 7 weeks before!

We left Spanish Fork at 4:00 am Tuesday morning and we were playing in Disneyland by 2:30. (After lunch at In-n-Out, of course!!) My SIL, Mandy joined us with her two girls for a day at Disneyland. Then we spent a full day at California Adventure, and a more relaxing day between the parks, seeing some of the shows and "filling in". I'm glad that we had spent a couple of days already because by Friday, the park was PACKED!! We were going to get fast passes for Splash Mountain, but the line was almost an hour and a half wait, and the fast pass return time was 5 HOURS later!!! Liam was quite the character the whole trip, but loved entertaining all the people around us while we were waiting for Fantasmic (dancing, giving high 5's). Then he slept through the show and missed it! He loved the parades and imitated everyone dancing.

"Oh, no! Pire!" (Fire) Liam kept saying this over and over as he danced in front of this fake fire place!

I was SOO excited for Tower of Terror and got butterflies just thinking about it! (It's scary!!) This is a picture of the picture taken on the ride (hence the low quality). I love that I look so scared, and Michelle looks so calm!

Don't mess with Brooklyn!!

Awwww!! Cute!

Liam is getting ready for the 3D movie!

Yeah, right!

When Brooklyn was about 3, she used to always say "What you said?!" That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture.

The night before we left, we were at Michelle and Zack's getting ready for bed, and the kids were excited and being loud. I told Liam that it was time to be quiet, but when we were on Dumbo he could be loud. The next day, as soon as he saw Dumbo he shouted "Loud!!"

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